Posted by: sargodale | July 14, 2009

Other areas of focus…

Being in Kazan has only affirmed my desire to devote a portion of my research to the Russian colonization of the Tatar people. I’d still like to choose another area, possible as a comparsion to the polices used in Kazan. Going through some articles on the subject of Russian colonization, I’ve decided to also include Siberia in my research. I believe that Siberia will offer an interesting contrast to Kazan. Both are still territories within Russia, but both underwent very different versions of colonization during the Tsarist and later the Soviet periods. Siberia itself has a very interesting history, and contains a large number of different ethnic groups, many of which were articfically created during the Soviet nationalisation period.

I think picking both Siberia and Kazan would move my research into an exciting, new direction. Stay tuned for more updates!

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