Posted by: sargodale | December 19, 2009

Hello….long time

Well it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this long.  Senior year has taken its toll on me much more than I could have ever suspected.  But the semester is over, and I have no excuses now to just buckle down and finish this thesis!

Since the summer, I’ve developed an outline of where I expect my project to go. Right now I have my introduction completed, and am just fixing up a few weaker sections.  The intro mostly deals with the theoretical aspect of memory studies, and how that will relate to my research.  Since I’m planning on focusing on physical sites as indicators of Tatar memory, I primarily discuss literature which does the same thing.

Now that I’m almost done with my intro, the most difficult and theoretical part of my work, I can focus on the sites of memory:

The Kul-Sharif mosque

The ancient Bulgar capital

Ğabdulla Tuqay


hey! sounds like cool research. well done developing your outline. are you going to be at the honors forum?

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