Posted by: sargodale | January 20, 2010

Start of the new semester

Well my last undergraduate semester has started.  I’m using my relaxed senior schedule to spend a lot of extra time on my thesis. My goal is to write five pages a week, maybe even two pages a day. Currently I’m working on the Bolghar capital section. It’s really interesting to read about the differing interpretations of Bolghar history. The Russians tend to publicize this idea that the Bolghar Khanate is not in any related to the Kazan Khanate (and therefore by extension the Tatarstan Republic). Meanwhile, the Tatars are quick to claim that a direct connection does in fact exist between the two states. While I think that both are tenuous arguments, they both speak a lot to how each side views the Tatar national identity. Exited to continue working on this portion of my thesis.

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Hooray for relaxed last semesters! I’ve managed to work my schedule out so that I only have 3 classes, none of which are terribly work-intensive, and it’s been a real boon to my writing. Good luck getting it all done!

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