Posted by: sargodale | April 18, 2010

All finished and the European Studies Conference

Well it’s finally done.  It’s hard to imagine that after over a year of work and research, I have a reached the end.  It’s a nice feeling, but also a tiny bit sad.  I also find it hilarious that right after I submitted my final copy that this article popped up in my Google Reader:

Shaimiyev had a huge impact on memory construction in Tatarstan, and I touch on this a bit in my thesis.  However, given his recent retirement, I think it would be interesting to expand on his role a little bit more.  Maybe I’ll save that for my next research project.

After turning in my thesis, I was lucky enough to be one of seven student participants in the annual European Studies Conference.  It was a great experience to share my work with my peers and also hear their completed research.  I realized that I had been so focused on my own thesis, that I hadn’t really spent the time listening to other’s progress.  It was a great experience, and I thank all the organizers for a great weekend.

Stay tuned to hear about how my defense turns out (April 29th at 9:30 AM!)


Thanks for the articles, very interesting!

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